Healthcare Orthopaedics

Nearly 100 suppliers from the world’s leading manufacturers in the sector, with a particular focus on companies that design and produce in Italy, are the partners we use to set up our outlets, where you can find or order any product related to the world of orthopaedic healthcare. Moreover, rental items can be rented for short/long periods of time, as required.

A single central warehouse stocks each of our outlets daily to reduce waiting times.

The staff in our outlets are trained several times a year on new products and is highly specialised in the orthopaedic healthcare products so that they can advise each of our customers in the best possible way.

Affiliated with the National Health System/INAIL.

Orthopaedic health solutions

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Knee pads and orthopaedic supports

Back braces and corsets

calze preventive riposanti

Relaxing and preventive stockings

immagine calzature comode

Comfort footwear fitting

immagine carrozzine e deambulatori

Wheelchairs and walkers

Healing stockings and sleeves

Beds and armchairs

Bathroom aids

Decubitis prevention aids

Medical electrical equipment

Personal care products

Medical underwear

Women’s underwear and beachwear

Post-operation underwear and sleeves