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Orthopaedics for all ages

We work to be the means and instrument through which people rediscover their smile, the everyday life they have lost or even just a small improvement in their well-being.

Affiliated with the National Health System/INAIL.

The Group

State-of-the-art orthopaedic workshops distinguished by excellent craftsmanship, with outlets throughout Lombardy.


Humantech has several stores located in five provinces: Bergamo, Milano, Brescia, Mantova, Varese and Como


Our orthopaedic workshop focuses on manufacturing tailor-made, state-of-the-art orthopaedic products.

Orthopaedics for life

“We want to offer solutions that are able to improve the quality of life and psychophysical well-being of everyone: all those affected by pathologies or disabilities, their carers and, in general, those who want to feel good in their own bodies.”

Danilo Burini



Handmade custom orthopaedic aids

Research in the orthopaedic field has achieved increasingly effective results in recent decades thanks to orthopaedic technologies, instruments and aids specially designed or adopted for applications in other fields beyond medicine.
Increasingly accurate and meticulous craftsmanship can now guarantee results that are much more effective and, above all, more customisable to each individual patient.

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Humantech decided to invest in the field of orthopaedics by equipping one of the most advanced orthopaedic workshops in Italy today: a laboratory where study, analysis, constant research and new ideas have allowed its technicians to grow, but above all, is able to offer its patients any type of orthopaedic aid.

It is a company choice that from the first workshop was aimed at continuousimprovement. Over the years, the Group has increasingly dedicated resources, time and investment, both traditional and innovative, to achieve the highest quality levels.

Custom medical orthopaedics and workshop

Why choose the Humantech Group?

Our goal is to ensure well-being, and to achieve that we built our business on three core principles:

  • Innovation: we are constantly searching for cutting-edge therapies and technologies
  • Expertise: our team is trained and regularly updated
  • We communicate all information clearly and comprehensively to create a flow of listening, support and assistance.

Bergamo, Brescia, Milan, Mantua and Varese: find your nearest outlet and come discover the right solutions for you!

Custom footwear, orthotics, posture systems and more.

Healthcare orthopaedics

Custom workshop

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